Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Children Are Our Future

Are children our Future? As I sat down to write something 'important' and 'relevant' to add to this discussion; it somehow strikingly came to me like a thunderbolt from above; this question, How much can you say about acting and children?
What immediately came to mind, as a spontaneous answer, was even more surprising.
What do I mean by stating this self-evident fact... 'Children are our future'? I am talking about the future of Humanity, and that of our planet. Let's not get too deep or serious here; but, let's still answer this very important survival question.
My relative and perhaps personalized opinion is founded on my strong belief that if we do not safeguard the welfare and education of our children, they will only have a fool's paradise to parade within; without ambitions, goals, or even real and attainable dreams. To me, this is a dangerous future filled with uncertainty and lost hope.
Our children's future will depend on many things, but the most important will be the guidance and direction we as parents give them, while they are children, and open to new ideas and more imaginative constructs. How can we stimulate a child to the many 'wonders' and 'miracles' of Life; and our now, perhaps fragile existence?
Our way, is perhaps not the only way; but, it is a way that makes perfect sense!
Our answer, simply enough, is through creative, imaginative, improvisational, and totally interactive role-playing, play-acting, and sensory stimulation. Now there's a mouthful; but, what it really means just may convince you that your child is worth that extra special care and effort that you first promised him or her, as you lovingly held their little fragile baby body pressed up close to yours.
All children need to grow and learn to adapt to and overcome survival obstacles; this is the most basic primitive urge within all of us as we develop. And, how we stimulate and contribute to this primordial impulse may very well mean a better future for Humanity.
One way we find works wonders, is by giving them interactive stimulation at an early age, or in fact at any age; and through our designed, tried and tested means; we prepare them for the social triumphs that they can expect from Life. Through direct one on one, person to person, creative and sometimes spontaneous interaction, through play acting, and even role-playing.
And, historical role-playing, playing out the characters of the past, can only give them a deeper and richer understanding of their own lives. Let them be a bigger player in Life, give them the tools they need to overcome the stresses and obstacles we already know are going to be in their way. Give them a creative gift they will cherish forever and pass down for generations to come. Give them a creative edge; a chance to play the starring role in a real world drama; the play called Life!